Our Services

We provide quality and responsible services within the core drilling and construction industry, on a
national scale.

Our Main Service areas

Concrete, Asphalt and Masonry services:

▪ Concrete and Asphalt Core Drilling ranging from 22mm to 500mm in diameter
▪ Concrete and Asphalt core drilling
▪ Rig drilling up to 45m depth
▪ Stitch coring for large or rectangular holes
▪ Chemical anchors
▪ Concrete Scanning up to a depth of 500mm
▪ Wall cutting [Sawing]
▪ Concrete and Asphalt Floor cutting/sawing
▪ Horizontal core drilling services for drilling through concrete and masonry.
▪ Upside down core drilling services.
▪ Suction base core drilling services where anchor bolts cannot be used.


Demolition works services:

▪ Cutting through Floors, Ceilings and Roofs
▪ Overall demolition of Steel, Concrete sites.
▪ Removal of Rubble
▪ Making good on all finishes
▪ Hacking – to remove tiling, concrete or any old surfaces
▪ Removal of old furnishings and building materials for commercial, industrial building renovations and alternations.
▪ Wall Chasing
▪ Concrete and Hydraulic Breaking
▪ Anchor Grouting
▪ Corporate, Office and Building demolitions services.

We service North West · Northern Cape · Gauteng · Limpopo · Mpumalanga · Free State · KwaZulu-Natal
· Eastern Cape · Western Cape ; North West.

Core Drilling into a concrete wall - core drilling machine red

Core Drilling

CJ Core provides core drilling services for various sectors such as Plumbers, HVAC, Fire Department, Home renovations, Millers, Construction sites, Bridges, Lifts…

concrete cutting saw in action

Concrete Cutting

From floor sawing to concrete chasing for electrical and plugbing. We offer a wide range of professional concrete cutting services…

Construction building with a yellow roof top. Construction in progress


These building renovations projects include townhouses, houses, golf estates, apartments, cottages, subdivisions, and single-unit dwellings….


Our demolition services range from building renovation to rubble removal and general demolition…

Concrete Scanning a concrete wall for core drilling or construction preparation. By a construction worker

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning up to 300mm. Our state of the art equipment detects objects in multiple layer concrete…


In need of expert advise on construction, demolition, core drtilling or project management? …

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