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We offer you with accurate and effective concrete and other scanning services. To ensure that you with a safer, more efficient and smooth construction experience.

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Concrete scanning services we provide

We specialize in the following concrete scanning:

Concrete structural  scanning of up to 300mm. Our state of the art scanning equipment allows us to detect objects in multiple layer concrete. Detecting hidden rebar, electrical cables and pipes with a breeze.

Concrete scanning is the process of scanning concrete using one or more technologies that are not destructive and do not break the structure or materials being scanned. This could include concrete-specific ground penetrating radar (GPR), a ferrosan, instrument, ultrasonic scanning equipment or other.

Whichever tools used, they are all able to penetrate the ground and locate objects and anomalies within a specified depth range and in a variety of conditions. Those anomalies are then analyzed by highly experienced engineers; who can provide insights as to what is beneath the surface. Allowing the correct plaining to stay clear of obstructions or areas that may be damaged during construction or maintenance…

Customized Concrete Scanning


Concrete core drilling to a depth of 1,5m .

Horizontal core drilling through concrete and masonry.

Upside down core drilling.

Suction base core drilling where anchor bolts cannot be used.

Stitch coring of large and rectangular openings.

Concrete core drilling to a depth of 1,5m

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Construction projects  specifically  renovations Might involve cutting or coring of concrete slabs for a number of different reasons. Safety measures are not to be overlooked at any point.

We offer more than just concrete scanning:

Our additional services are:

In need of core samples, busy with renovations or other construction or research? We will gladly assist! Just leave us a message, call us or request a quote and we will get back to you. CJ Core Offers you over 10 years experience and a highly skilled and qualified work force. Ensuring no project is to hard. We pride ourselves on our work and leave you with a desirable outcome and neat workspace.

For instance, if a construction company were cutting into a concrete wall they may strike a cable, structural steel or a point. This can be extremely dangerous and fatal. Hence concrete scanning is a need for any renovative projects. Concrete scanning allows the construction team to know exactly where and how to work safely and effectively.

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