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Core Drilling in Johannesburg

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What is Core drilling?

Core drilling is a quick, exact and a clean approach to penetrate concrete and is normally seen as a fundamental need for construction projects  by most solid cutting specialists.

The primary purpose of a core drilling is to obtain an undisturbed, intact sample representative of the in situ material. Coring is the primary method of obtaining samples of the soft rock and the cemented soil that are encountered in many areas of the world.

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Core Drilling in Johannesburg

Need an expert in core drilling in Johannesburg? ;- Look no further, we at CJ core drilling & construction offer you expert core drilling services at your doorstep.

Core Drilling in Johannesburg area

A bit of background

CJ Core Drilling & Construction has been in the construction and core drilling business for over 10 years! The founder of CJ Core Drilling & Construction is CJ Delport, who has has over 10 years’ experience in the Construction/ Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and LNG industry, and a further 15 years’ experience in client relations and consulting. A certified SAIW/IIW  graduate in Quality Control with a vast range of experience on various Construction projects within Southern Africa.

Safety First.

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Our Safety Policy:

CJ Core Drilling and Construction aims to provide our clients with a high quality, reliable, efficient, responsible, and above all else, safe service.

Our strict safety policies allows us to provide services that meet the highest levels of standards as set out by the construction industry.

 All CJ Core Drilling and Construction personnel are certified and trained in their respective fields.

CJ Core Drilling and Construction commits to conform and comply with any quality and safety standards which may be requested upon them. This enables CJ Core Drilling and Construction to reach any expectations within the Construction industry.

Why choose CJ Core Drilling & Construction for Core drilling in Johannesburg?

We at CJ Core drilling & Construction have over 10 Years of experience in Core Drilling and Construction. Our knowledge and experience with a professional and hardworking team allow us to keep our promise of Quality workmanship that is completed on-time.

Our equipment is top-notch, we only use the best core drilling products for our projects. We value you as a client and respect your deadlines. Approach all of our projects with effective planning and execution.

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