What is Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning in the simplest terms is the process of scanning the inside of a solid concrete structure to find faults, and hazards. Concrete scanning not only allows builders and construction teams find hazards but also provides them with valuable information that they can use for planning, safety precautions, and future maintenance and construction projects.

Concrete scanning is a must for any medium and major construction projects. Even home renovations may need concrete scanning to  view where piping and cables lay are.

Concrete wall with multiple blocks

What is Concrete Scanning

Why is it important?

Concrete scanning is the process of scanning concrete using one or more technologies that are not destructive and do not break the structure or materials being scanned. This could include concrete-specific ground penetrating radar (GPR), a ferrosan, instrument, ultrasonic scanning equipment or other. Whichever tools used, they are all able to penetrate the ground and locate objects and anomalies within a specified depth range and in a variety of conditions. Those anomalies are then analyzed by highly experienced engineers; who can provide insights as to what is beneath the surface. Allowing the correct plaining to stay clear of obstructions or areas that may be damaged during construction or maintenance. 


Concrete Scanning a concrete wall for core drilling or construction preparation. By a construction worker

The majority of time, results can of a scan can can be easily extracted into a variety of software packages including Word and other familiar software’s, which allows operators to provide user friendly reports that are easy to understand and read the data collected. Which provides a easier way to view the data and see what is hidden below the surface. Depending upon the equipment used and the nature of the structure itself,  engineers are able to locate reinforcing steel, cables and more, all while being able to analyze the structural condition of the concrete itself, checking for impurities, cracks and faults within the material. Concrete scanning provides valuable data on what is going on inside a structure.

Why would You need Concrete Scanning?

Construction projects  specifically  renovations Might involve cutting or coring of concrete slabs for a number of different reasons. Safety measures are not to be overlooked at any point. 

For instance, if a construction company were cutting into a concrete wall they may strike a cable, structural steel or a point. This can be extremely dangerous and fatal. Hence concrete scanning is a need for any renovative projects. Concrete scanning allows the construction team to know exactly where and how to work safely and effectively. 

Not only can concrete scanning provide construction teams or renovators with valuable information to keep their teams safe. It may also provide valuable information as to where weak points are. Allowing maintenance teams to quickly and easily locate damaged areas that need urgent attention. Speeding up the maintenance process and lowering costs.

Concrete scanning may also provide insightful data for use of forecasting when and where future maintenance may need to occur. By analyzing the scanned data, it is possible to find developing faults as well. Finding the problem before it develops can greatly impact the maintenance plan.

Analysis can be extremely useful for not only the above. As well as providing construction, maintenance, engineers and renovative teams with insightful information, but it can also allow architects and designers to plan future projects with better planning and added innovation to build better in future!

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