What is Core Drilling?

What is Core Drilling?

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Here's what is core drilling and it's uses.

Core drilling in construction

Lets dive in to What is Core drilling.

Core drilling is a quick, exact and a clean approach to penetrate concrete and is normally seen as a fundamental need for construction projects  by most solid cutting specialists.

The primary purpose of a core drilling is to obtain an undisturbed, intact sample representative of the in situ material. Coring is the primary method of obtaining samples of the soft rock and the cemented soil that are encountered in many areas of the world.

What is a core drill and how does it work?

A core drill is a hollow, cylindrical drill specifically used  to remove a cylinder of material. It is made of drill tips, metal, and usually coated with  diamond or carbide. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core

Core drills used in metals are called annular cutters.  Core drills used for concrete and hard rock generally use industrial diamond grit as the abrasive material and may be electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic powered.  These drills differentiate from other cutting equipment. The key difference is a core drill will extract a sample of the material drilled which it had been drilled into. These drills are designed to drill into and cut out cylindrical samples of material. The end product is the core sample.

Although the concept of core drilling is easy to understand specialists need to know how the core drilling process works.

What is the use of a Core Drill?

A core drill can penetrate a variety of surfaces. It can cut its way into rock, wood, concrete, ice and metal. It twists into the material, cutting its way further and further into the material. Drill bits need to be changed according to the material being drilled into.


The measurecontrol, and highlights of a core drill can shift, depending on what it’ll be utilized for. People can utilize a little core drill at homewhereas a powerful, medium-sized drill can be utilized for buildings and mines. Expansive drills are more often than not utilized for the cutting of concrete on bigger projects.

Core drilling is often utilized in mineral investigation where the coring may be a few hundred to a few thousand feet in length. The center tests are recuperated and inspected by geologists for mineral rates and stratigraphic contact focuses. This gives investigation companies the data essential to start or forsake mining operations in a specific range.

Reasons for taking core samples:

  • To analyze the material strength of rock or other materials. To build solid foundations and structures.  
  • To get an actual measurement of strength of existing structures.
  • To check the load limits of structures and the effects loads may have on structures.
  • To determine if a structure may be damaged due to fatigue, overloading and or chemical reactions.
  • To get accurate data on the effect of weathering on structures.

Some of these purposes may be better suited to other forms of assessment but core testing is usually the most economical and practical.

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